Published by the Cuyahoga Valley Genealogical Society in 2016, this softcover is a compilation of columns written by local historian Wes Gaab. The cover is
wrapped with an image of his handwritten notes for the last column in the book.

A collection of artifacts, photographs and memories of a Cleveland family.
This spread features a copy of a letter (and its transcription, at right) written
by a family member who served during World War II.

This man's datebook showed how a typical day looked for him in 1917.
At right is a letter he wrote to the "fellows," asking for donations to be sent to
an old school friend, who served as a missionary in India (pictured).

Pictured is a pile of century-old index cards, on which this grandma wrote her favorite recipes. We chose a small number of them for the book.
A souvenir photo book of a trip to the Upper Peninsula
of Michigan and the City of Milwaukee.

All design samples are shown with the permission of the client.
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